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5 Great Military Cadences You Haven't Thought of in Years

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November 8, 2016
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Military cadence is a preparatory song performed by the leader of the formation during the marches or organized runs. Many parts of these running songs are so catchy, they will be forever embedded into our heavy left feet.Read More: 5 epic military movie mistakesTake a listen and let yourself be transported back to the good ol’ days of the little yellow bird and the days of sitting in the back of your truck with Josephine.1. “Down By The River”

2. “Pin My Medals Upon My Chest”

3. “C-130 Rolling Down The Strip”

4. “Hey, Hey Whiskey Jack”

5. “How’d Ya Earn Your Living?”

Cadences tend to cross-breed through the different branches and change words to make them service-specific. We salute everyone for their originality.More from We Are The Mighty:These 11 funny military vids will make you wish Vine wasn’t going away forever5 epic military movie mistakesAllahu Quackbar: The internet is trolling ISIS by photoshopping them as rubber ducks

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