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Overcoming Adversity: Story 4250

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August 15, 2016
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So i went to basic in August of 2015. (Go ahead and insert, 2015? F*ck this guy comment here). We had a female DS, DS F. At the beginning of training, she was calm, cool, and collected. Then as the cycle went on, being the dipsh*ts we privates are, we did stupid sh*t to piss her of. Little by little she started to hate us more and more. Then, once our Platoon Sergeant left on leave, she took over. All of a sudden sh*t hit the fan, everyone in our platoon realized that she was f*cking crazy.I can't tell you how many laps we ran because people couldn't do sh*t right or shut their mouths. Anyways, a few weeks pass, we're into BRM. We come "home" from the range, and head off to chow. We eat, form up and go back. Little did we know. Our lives were about to get f*cked up.

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We get back to the bay, and a very special private , private I, sneaks into the bathroom all slick shit , and we don't see him for a bit. 20 mins pass, and DS F, comes into the bay, surprise inspection. Everyone towed the line like good little privates, except private I. She yells for him, no response. So we tell her where he is , and she goes looking.Then all of a sudden , we here a "WHAT THE F*CK PRIVATE! WHERE THE F*CK DID YOU GET THAT PICTURE?!? GET THE F*CK INTO THE BAY NOW!".Next thing you know, Private I comes running out into the bay and ate sh*t near his bunk , pants around his ankles. Then DS F comes out with her picture from the CQ desk, and goes onto tell us that good ol private I was beating his meat to her picture. I've never seen a kid so embarrassed in my life. We all broke out laughing and couldn't stop. So, she made us run laps till everyone of us puked. Then we got countless sharp briefs the next day.Later on she got transferred to another training company. And he was kicked outta the Army.To this date I still get a chuckle thinking of him running out with his pants around his ankles.

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