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Breaking Barriers: Basic Training Story 4371

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September 26, 2016
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This was told to me by my NCO. Anyone who has gone to a Medical AIT within the past 5 years will know that the Army is not allowed to march in formation over a certain bridge near the AMEDD schools (or maybe that's just the 68Ks). The person they made this rule for is my NCO, SFC S. At the time, he was a platoon sergeant for the 68Ks.One day on the weekend, for some reason, he was the only NCO there to march the entire company to the DFAC for breakfast. So they started to cross this particular bridge when SFC S noticed a Navy formation marching towards them. He warned the company, "Brace yourselves!" And then shoulder-checked the Navy PG. Was it an accident? I guess we'll never know.But the soldiers in formation took this as permission to start shoulder-checking the sailors as they passed. The Navy PG got pissy and took a swing at SFC S. The soldiers saw it coming and warned him, "No, man! Don't do it!" SFC S dodged the swing, grabbed him and flipped him over onto the ground (he's a big ol' dude, so it's not hard to believe that).


The soldiers jeered the Navy PG, "See? Told ya you shouldn't have done that!" Then they started shoving the sailors back. A few fell to the ground while the rest cringed away. SFC S saw this and said to himself, "Oh sh*t!" Called the company back to order and continued on their journey to breakfast. The sailors that fell hadn't quite gotten to their feet yet, and so were stepped on by every soldier that came across them. The 68K company is one of the largest in the battalion. So yeah. Poor seamen.Later on, SFC S was called into the company and told that he had the privilege of being the only NCO to ever have "bridge privileges" revoked

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