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Journey to Resilience: Story 4417

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October 19, 2016
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It was summer 2016. We had all just qualified with our M-4s. We had finished shakedown, and were waiting for trans back to the barracks. DS D was telling us various stories of his time in the Army. Half way through an Afghanistan story, PVT L, one of our "that guy"(s), if you catch my drift, raised his hand. It was then PVT L said, " Drill sergeant, I have a live round in my pocket".Everyone kind of just froze. Then, PVT W, platoon fat kid and other "that guy" raised his hand and said he had two live rounds in his pocket. Thats when DS D finally broke the silence. " Get over in the f*cking parking lot".We expected a smoking, but instead, the DS made us strip everything, pads out of our ACH, break down our rifle, turtled assault pack, boots, blouse, etc. Meanwhile PVT W is screaming and crying: "ITS NOT MY FAULT DS, I DIDN'T KNOW I HAD A LIVE ROUND DS", with a snot rocket hanging down past his chin. (Meanwhile the rest of the company DSs are trying not to burst out laughing). In the aftermath, PVT W was moved to 1st plt, and PVT L got an article 15.But it was what the DS said about it all that really cemented the experience in my mind: "You know privates I wasn't even mad, but I just really hate PVT W"

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