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Courage in the Face of Adversity: Story 4532

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December 27, 2016
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We were forming up for our normal morning formation. I was PG, mostly because I was 36 years old and the only one who had any maturity. Everyone was lining up at their assigned spots. They were so such idiots that I had to specifically assign spots so the privates wouldn't argue about where they line up. This is how stupid and immature they were.On this day, one private after, having done his laundry the night before came flying in late but just before the DS showed up. I did a once over of everybody and noticed this private (he was Kenyan and I could never pronounce his name correctly) had his name tag over his left pocket. I looked at his right pocket and he had his name tag there as well.I called out if anyone had on them an extra US ARMY tag. I knew no one would have it but had to try. DS F shows up just as I had asked this of everybody. She turns to me and asked why this private is in her formation. I had nothing to say other than he is FUBAR.


She informs all the other DS around that we have a visitor in our formation today. She informs the company we have a new private from the Army of (his name). She turns to me and begins to tell me that by lunch formation that we are to come up with a salute, national anthem, and soldiers creed from this country of (his name). Luckily we had two privates who were going to be in the band who came up with a national anthem and really good writers come up with soldiers creed. I came up with a F'ed up salute to round this out.At lunch time the whole company lined up with commander and said private at the top of formation. After our pathetic rendition of the national anthem and soldiers creed of said privates country, the company commander along with the private marched down to the front of our platoon. At that time I rendered the salute and said private rendered it back.Then the company commander turned to the private and whispered instruction to him. Private turns to our platoon and says "Half Right Face. MOVE!"It was the best smoking I ever received.

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