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The Power of Unity: Story 4575

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January 13, 2017
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Ft. Benning 2013In our Infantry OSUT class, there was one particularly dull private whom we all suspected was inbred. Lets call him PVT D. By the time land nav rolled around, the drill sergeants more or less assumed PVT. D had been dropped as a small child and picked up some extra chromosomes while he was down there. So when Pvt. D’s hand shot up to answer a question, they made sure he was the first to answer.

The situation went something like this:

DS G: “What is the opposite of a depression?”PVT D: *Hand shoots up*DS G: “Enlighten us PVT D.”PVT D: “AN OPPRESSION DRILL SERGEANT!”That was the first time I saw DS G so much as smile, and the platoon died laughing, and it was completely worth the smoke session that followed.

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