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February 20, 2017
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Ft. Benning, Oct. 1993. We weren't allowed to eat any sweets, desserts, etc. during basic training and as a fat kid I missed it. So when I was on KP duty for the day I found some ice cream sandwiches in the huge walk-in freezer. I figured it was a safe spot to hide and eat some ice cream because I was out of sight (out of mind).I was sitting on some boxes with an ice cream sandwich in each hand when the freezer door opens and it was my Drill Sergeant. My heart stopped and he said "Private...... go ahead and finish, then come and find me."At that moment I knew I was done. I knew my life was going to suck.He leaves and I basically inhale what was left. I find my Drill Sergeant and we went out to the grass next to the barracks. I got skinned up like never before. After about a solid 30 mins of non-stop flutter kicks, mountain climbers, push ups, and sprints. I'm told to roll on the grass from one end to the other. After rolling back and forth a few times I threw up the ice cream and everything else. And I rolled in it. Over and over. I threw up 4 times until nothing was coming out. I was sent up to shower, change, and get back to KP.After that I never wanted to see an ice cream sandwich for the rest of my life.

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