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March 16, 2017
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So I was in for Basic in 2013 and we had this guy whom I’ll call PVT P. This guy was everything that you imagine an inner-city thug to be. He called just about everyone “pussy” bringing him close to several fights. He slept nude which annoyed everyone. His bunk was perpetually a mess even on the outside. He would not shower. Instead he washed his junk in the sink every morning. Every time his battle buddy/squad/platoon tried to square him away, he’d call them a pussy and refuse.One night around 3 in the morning, the 1st Sergeant came through with a few DSs and it happened. I have never heard so much screaming in my life. The light came on and terrified PVTs across the bay were startled awake by screaming Top. Some jumped up and clumsily toed the line. Others like myself stayed in their bunks glaring at whatever the heck was going on in a half-asleep stupor. The screaming continued for another minute or so.Apparently, it was PVT P. He called the 1st Sergeant a pussy.Top had poked him with a flashlight telling him to put on clothes.Shockingly he graduated. I can only hope that AIT sorted this idiot out.Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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