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March 22, 2017
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I did my AI/t at Ft. Lee, VA. My primary MOS was motor parts clerk. I know, not the most glamorous job, but still at that time in 1987 it was necessary since we did not quite have internet yet so they needed people like me to get the mechanics parts. We had one PFC ("Private Ski" Had a long Polish name.So he was just "Ski" that must have had something wrong in his guts because he didn't seem to be able to help it. He's cut vile farts that would literally clear out a room and mentally hurt everybody in the room. The instructors must have complained because our drill sergeant that had to babysit us at this point decided he was tired of complaints of this guy's farts.So he had Ski make horns with his fingers, and charge a old red rag the drill sergeant has dug up someplace and act like a bull. "Private, if you are going to smell like a bull, you better act like a bull" He'd say as he held it up. So Ski had to break ranks, make his finger horns and charge the red rag and we'd have a morning bull fight before we went off to classes. It was highly amusing but if we dared laugh, we'd spend some time pushing the earth before going about our day.Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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