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Chelsea Morgensen: 17 Must-See Pics

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November 6, 2017
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As the weather gets colder, we're going to try and heat things up a little bit with an American Grit Exclusive interview with a few of the lovely ladies from the Hooter's 2017-2018 Calendar. We were pretty excited to talk to them because, well, as we're bum ugly and they are gorgeous. Without further ado, we present to you the adventurous and charming Chelsea Morgensen.

Gracing the cover of the 2018 Hooters calendar, Chelsea Morgensen is not your average girl. She's an adrenaline junkie with an affinity for scrapbooking, skydiving and kickboxing! The calendar shoot was extremely fun for Chelsea as she was able to enjoy three different locations for shooting the calendar with the cover photo you see above being shot in Florida. Far and away, the most interesting answer to one of our questions was Chelsea's love for crazy socks. "I'm a sock person, I like funny and fun socks... you'll always find me wearing really cool mismatched socks," said Morgensen. We're over here with boring bland socks and Chelsea is all about the funny and mismatched socks. Having newly discovered Grunt Style, Chelsea has already decided on a few "early" Christmas presents to herself from the stellar line-up Grunt Style offers.Chelsea has a few family members that are both veterans and actively serving. "I have three cousins that are in the Navy for awhile and a cousin who is a captain in the Army as well," she said. So the military community is literally family to her. This familial connection to the military community ties into her belief in the American dream. The ability to wake up safe every morning in our homes with the freedom to live life as we see fit is at the core of Chelsea's idea of the American Dream. Having men and women who stand guard vigilantly night and day to guard that security makes Chelsea feel extremely grateful to live in this great country! Despite the naval history in her family and our best attempts to swing the voting in favor of the Marine Corps (some of us have a slight bias), Chelsea's favorite branch is the Air Force. As a frequent flier, her love is the sky and the Air Force fits right in with that love.

For those of you wondering (because why wouldn't you?), the best thing, you could say to Chelsea to impress if you were ever given the opportunity is something regarding something she's accomplished. Compliments based on looks are always nice, but they're not really that impressive. Complimenting an accomplishment and recognizing what she's worked for is going to be your best shot: "When you compliment something that I've done or accomplished that means so much to me." On the flip side, being too arrogant or too into yourself is not going to score you any points, but some of the more...risque humor is fair game.It was a pleasure to chat with Chelsea as her passion for life was clearly evident through our conversation. Definitely, check her and her fellow Hooter's calendar girls on this year's calendar. The proceeds go to a ton of different charities including cancer research and veteran organizations. We hope you enjoyed getting to know 2018's cover model, Chelsea Morgensen.Check out these other photos we found on her Instagram:

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