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Intruder Breaks In, Shot Entire Family

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August 16, 2016
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This intruder REALLY picked the wrong house.40-year-old Mitchell Large decided one night that he'd like to break into a house about a mile from his residence. Unfortunately for him, the residents were all armed.An entire family opened fire on an intruder after he broke into their home. Reportedly, a father, mother and son were all woken up by the sound of someone trying to get in. As the intruder tried to come in through the back door, one of the family members fired a warning shot.


You'd think that would deter anyone, but this guy was determined to get inside. He made it as far as the kitchen before the family opened fire.Mitchell was killed in the residence. When interviewed, one of the neighbors had this to say:"If this guy would have stayed home, he'd have been alive right now, you know?"Thank God this family was able to stay armed and protect themselves. You can watch the full news report below:

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