kill spider with flamethrower
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Kill Spider with Flamethrower

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October 20, 2017
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We get it: Nobody likes spiders. Snakes we can deal with because you can usually see them. However, spiders hide! Something that can kill you should not be smaller than a dime. You should be able to say "Hey, that thing way over there can kill me so I'd best stay away." Then you casually walk away, no harm no foul. Instead, these tiny death dealers hide seemingly everywhere. Also, in addition to painful and possibly deadly bites, they make you look dumb, too! Don't think so? Ever suddenly become kung fu master when walking through a spider web? Yeah, that was you looking foolish.

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One such home-owner was not in a mood to take any more of spider-bro's crap. Upon seeing these creepy crawlies around outside his trailer, the Tuscon, Arizona, resident decided to what any rational man would do: Anything possible to kill the spider! In this case, and for this man under duress, the only way to deal with these invaders was fire. Yes, fire. He rigged up a propane flame-thrower and went to town on these eight legged freaks! This was an example of good initiative and bad judgment on his part, or maybe not, depending on your level of hate for the creatures. Maybe setting the whole world on fire is the only appropriate option in your mind when you hit this level of fright--we aren't here to judge. However, the Tuscon Fire Department didn't think it was the greatest idea, as the blaze took 23 firefighters to extinguish. Also, a little old lady went to the hospital for some minor injuries, which we are truly sad about (but flamethrowers are pretty cool). It's easy to see how a situation can get mildly out of hand with a flamethrower because, well that hardly merits explanation.All in all, it's a successful day. Spiders are dead, no people were seriously injured, and you got to use a flamethrower. Not entirely sure what the issue is Tuscon Fire Department. C'mon guys, live a little!

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Disclaimer: Don't actually use a flamethrower to kill spiders. A shoe will do.Read more news articles here.

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