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MallBrats Has a Filming Location

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September 10, 2015
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Mallbrats has a filming location

Kevin Smith[/caption]You read that right, the upcoming sequel to Kevin Smith's 1995 Mallrats, finally has a filming location. As reported on Smith may not be shooting Mallbrats, the sequel to 1995’s Mallrats, at Delaware County’s Granite Run Mall. But he is filming it at Exton Square Mall.Smith announced Exton as Mallbrats’ shooting location this morning on social media, indicating that shooting is set to begin in January.“We found our mall, y’all!,” Smith wrote Thursday. “@JayandSilentBob are coming to Chester County!”A representative at PREIT, which currently owns the Exton Square Mall property, was not immediately available for comment.News of Smith’s apparent filming in Chester County comes just a couple of weeks after Michael Markman, president of Granite Run Mall parent company BET Investments, told the Delco Times that “a snag with the movie people” would likely prevent filming there.Read more at you just can't wait for more Jay and Silent Bob, here is a clip from the original. Enjoy.

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