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Playboy Hugh Hefner Passes Away at Age 91

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September 28, 2017
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A moment of silence. News travels fast these days due to social media and certainly, by now you’ve all heard that Hugh Hefner has passed away at the age of 91. Even though he may technically be gone, we all know that legends never die.In 1953 Hugh saved up $600 and started the magazine that would be built into an entertainment empire. Featuring anything you could think of, from clubs to music festivals, Playboy did everything. Being invited to the Playboy mansion was about the highest honor celebrity could get. Access to Hugh’s parties at the mansion were notoriously fun and had beautiful Playboy bunnies seemingly everywhere.The man was a walking legend among men, and classy about it too despite what some may have said about the nature of his business. One time Hugh was asked via twitter how he got so many bitches, Hugh’s reply was simple “I have a lot of girlfriends because I don't call them bitches, Jroe. A little respect will take you a long way.” That would be Hef’s response. Full of piss and vinegar, but done so elegantly and with such grace that anyone who read it feels slightly chastised.The Hef, as many called him, had a way with winning people over and despite what you may think about him, was the epitome of gentlemen. Everything he did from his magazine to the way he lived his life was about respect. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who thought Hugh Hefner did them wrong.There is a sad and unfortunate truth that most women who end up doing some nude modeling or what have you are taken advantage of and never make it big or run into all sorts of problems. That wasn’t the case with Hugh Hefner and Playboy. Story after story abound of women who had their lives changed in unimaginably positive ways after working with Playboy. And who can forget all the young men’s lives he enriched as well. Thirteen-year-old boys everywhere should thank their lucky stars that a man like Hugh existed as they got their first taste of what would forever dominate their adult lives.

hugh hefner

You may not love him, you may despise what he did to earn his money, but one thing you can’t deny is that he treated people around him with a basic human dignity and level of respect unseen in society today. He never made a stink about anything either. As ostentatious and extravagant as his life was, you never saw Hugh in any legal trouble or on the news being arrogant. The Hef was a humble, successful man among man and for that, we salute you Hef. Hold your glasses high and drink one for the original Playboy. Go out today and live life to the fullest remembering what Hugh said: “A lot of people go through life never quite understanding that if things aren't as wonderful as they should be, it's their own fault.” Hugh, thanks for the mammaries. Read more news articles here.

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