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Stepping on a Lamborghini: This Is What Happens

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October 27, 2017
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There is stupid, and then there is run all over a Lambo and get your ass whipped, stupid. We didn't think anyone would be that dumb, much less that disrespectful. Hell, we'd fight you in the parking lot just for mentioning doing something that dumb. We don't know the owner, but we do know that a Lamborghini costs more than most people's homes. What would you expect someone to do you if you messed with their home like that? In Texas, you'd probably get shot.To the crowd of people that told the owner to stop: Look, you're wrong. We know you should value people and not things, but this kid didn't value anything. Showing respect for someone's property is, in effect, showing respect for them. Not knowing the backstory and seeing the kid run all over the car. Like the owner said, the kid is lucky he didn't get killed. You can see at the end that the kid is unconscious. Maybe next time you decide to be a dipshit and run all over a car that nice, you'll pick someone you know you can beat up. Just food for thought, though. The best bet would be to learn some respect and not do that sort of thing at all.The driver may be a tool, and he may deserve some kind of backlash but he also might be a really nice guy who got caught on the wrong day. One thing is certain: Don't mess with the Lamborghini or the driver. (His lawyer is probably way better than yours, too, by the way). Don't be stupid, kids. You never know who's packing an ass-whipping for you!Read more entertainment articles here.

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