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A photo of Doc Gonzo - a writer for American Grit.

Doc Gonzo

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Army Medic, GWOT Veteran, spent time with the scouts in Afghanistan. Is certifiably insane but objectively the hottest man in Grunt Style.

Ronnie is the epitome of all that is manly and testosterone. As a Medic in the Army, he once stopped a femoral arterial bleed just by staring at the wound until it sealed itself and apologized. He impregnated half a room of sterile women with a sneeze. He's been shot multiple times, but only because he insists the only manly way to clean a pistol is with a round in the chamber. While dodging HR at Grunt Style, he still finds time to write all the VBT series and a bunch of articles. Everything branded has gone through this tall, dark, and handsome USDA-certified hunk of meat.

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