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5 Videos to Boost Your Patriotism

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October 25, 2016
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America is awesome. Period. We have the rights and freedoms here to do a lot of cool things. Mostly with bacon and guns and cool trucks. And we're pretty proud of that. Here are just a few examples of patriots doing what patriots do. Because 'Murica.

1.) The Star Spangled banner, played by a gun.

What celebrates freedom more than playing the anthem and practicing fine aim at the same time? NOTHING, that's what.


2.) Trucks racing planes

As Americans, we like to be at the top of our game in manufacturing and invention. Here's a truck that's so fast it can compete with a plane!

3.) This epic display of patriotism in the face of Hurricane Matthew

You know what's scarier than hurricanes? Redcoats.Oh, right, we beat them. Bring it!

4.) My Gun is Bigger than Your Gun

I see your conceal carry pistol. It's adorable.

5.) This. Whatever this is.


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