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50-Caliber Gatling Gun: A Weapon Unleashed

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January 15, 2016
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.50 Cal Gatling Gun? Yes Please. [VIDEO]The GAU 19/A, for when you need to destroy a terrorist...and the house he's behind...and the rock that's giving him cover. We are VERY aroused.https://youtu.be/TYMXafe60LUNow that's a lot of lead going down range! The only issue we see with this is that it would cost an insane amount of money to fire for more that a few minutes...but it would be totally worth it.The GAU-19/A is designed for a linkless feed but can be fed from a standard M9 linked belt if a delinker feeder is used. The rate of fire is selectable to be either 1,000 or 2,000 rounds per minute. The Humvee Armament kit version fires at 1,300 rounds per minute.The GECAL 50 was first manufactured by General Electric, then by Lockheed Martin, and now by General Dynamics. Design work began in 1982. Early prototypes had six barrels, but a three-barreled configuration is now standard. The GAU-19/A was originally designed as a larger, more potent version of the M134 Minigun. Due to the loss of nine helicopters in Grenada GE started building prototypes of the weapon in both a three-barreled and a six-barreled configuration.Read more about the GAU 19/A from Wikipedia

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