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6 Steps to Become a Successful Military Entrepreneur

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January 1, 1970
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When I left Ft. Benning, GA as a Drill Sergeant I had no business being in business. I had some college credits but no degree, no corporate experience and little money. I can remember litterally typing into Google "What is business" when I started Grunt Style. I went from sleeping in my car at night while on the road selling product to employing over 200 people in two different companies ( and never got that college degree but I definitely paid for my education with trial and error. Let me help you with some of the things that I learned looking back that helped me go from Soldier to Businessman.

  1. Fail Fast
  2. If you're not selling, you're not in business, you're just busy
  3. You can have excuses or success, you can't have both
  4. Don't
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