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7 Game of Thrones Weapons with Devastating Power

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August 28, 2017
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Season 7 of Game of Thrones started a bit slow compared to the action we’ve grown accustomed to but it’s grown into a flurry of battles and twists. Weapons are a huge part of every storyline because of their unique abilities and insight into the deep plot lines everyone is always trying to predict. These seven weapons have proven to and will continue to have tremendous influence and unleash frenzied destruction across the seven kingdoms. With the season coming to a close, it’s time to do an audit of the weapons in this world and see what devastation the future holds for future seasons.


A rogue flamethrower controlled by a queen with a grudge is a scary thing. We’ve heard about the power of these dragons and the ease with which they can burn a fleet or entire city down. They’re not just a weapon in war but also intimidation as we saw them incinerate Randyll and Dickon Tarly as they refused to bend the knee to Daenerys. Let’s not forget they’ve only been shown to spit fire despite the fact that they have teeth the size of swords and massive talons.

Game of Thrones dragon

Ice Dragon(s)

One of the most theorized weapons has long been ice dragons. Some fans have expected these well before Game of Thrones was mainstream. George RR Martin wrote a short story about a little girl and an ice dragon set in Westeros before digging into his epic GOT novels. There have been mentions of ice dragons in the novels but not enough to give any insight. Now that it’s been made official and the Night King has brought back a dragon we’re left to wonder just how destructive the beast will be without a mother to guide it. Will it breathe ice and freeze everything in its path? We’ll just have to wait for the epic battles to commence. We also got a glimpse into the Night King’s army having multiple giants so there may even be more ice dragons lurking beyond the wall…


This sword, now in Jon Snow’s possession has a long history. The Valyrian steel blade once belonged to House Mormont before being given to Jon. We know the type of brave and effective warrior Jon already is. Now that he’s used the sword to kill multiple white walkers it’s impossible to think this sword won’t continue to play a larger role. After all, it basically revived him from his icy plunge into the frozen lake while fighting off wights in episode six of season seven.

Ice Spear

No one can deny the role that dragons have played and will continue to play in this saga. They seemed virtually unstoppable until recently when who other than the Night King threw another twist into the story. With a seemingly effortless throw, his ice spear plunged into the heart of a dragon from half a mile away killing it almost instantly. With at least two more fire breathing dragons out there the ice spear seems to be their biggest obstacle. Let’s not forget either that very few men have survived the ice spear. The ice spear has been shown to shatter all of man’s weapons save for the Valyrian steel Longclaw.

game of thrones ice spear

Dothraki Arakh

The Dothraki are ferocious warriors that love destruction and war, they live for it. Their weapon of choice, the Arakh, is a curved blade they love to wield on horseback to slash through ground infantry. It’s one of the more unique and technically challenging weapons in Westeros. Few weapons invoke as much fear and behead as many as the Arakh. Few non-Dothraki men have toiled with it except Daario Naharis of the second sons and we saw how he demolished the Champion of Mereen with it in season four. This weapon should have a larger role to play as the Dothraki have an insatiable taste for blood and war.


Chemical warfare is as ancient as the time that Game of Thrones is set in. Wildfire has proven to be a bit of a wildcard changing the storyline multiple times. Cersei is in possession of an unknown amount of this neon green napalm like potion. She’s already used it to burn an entire religion and threat from King’s Landing. In an instant Wildfire could destroy any army or city. The question is, will Cersei use it for good against the Army of the Dead or deviously plot against anyone who stands in her way to ensure the legacy of her unborn child?

game of thrones wildfire

Dragon Glass

Dragon glass on its own isn’t overly impressive visually, but what it lacks in intimidation it makes up for in prowess. Dragon glass as it was revealed, is what the Children of the Forrest used to create the first White Walkers. It’s also likely to be the solution to killing them as we saw firsthand when Sam stabbed one in the back with a dragon glass blade. To this point, aside from the coveted Valyrian steel weapons, dragon glass is the only available material to have killed a white walker. That automatically makes it one of the most powerful weapons in Westeros in the entire Game of Thrones mythos. --Raphael Konforti, MSRead more entertainment articles here.

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