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81-Year-Old Marine Endures 4-Year Hostage Situation

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July 22, 2016
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After nearly five years of torture, police finally arrested the man that had kept an elderly marine held hostage. Reportedly, the motive was to claim his service checks.Perry Coniglio, 43, was taken into custody on Tuesday after authorities found him at a motel in New York. His room was directly across from his victim's, which was kept in horrific condition.According to this report, former Marine David McClellan had advanced dementia. Coniglio used brute force and intimidation to keep him hostage.


Detectives on the case even said that Coniglio accompanied the McClellan to the bank while posing as his guardian. He then was able to withdraw funds from the account. Coniglio also sold the man's jeep without his permission and kept the funds from the sale.Authorities say that they were given a tip from a neighbor, who sent them video of the elderly man being abused by Coniglio outside of his room."I pretty much saw the guy getting abused, and cursed at, every single day," said Natasha Blank in a report from HVNN. "He was only getting a bowl of cereal a day, he would walk around naked, just stuff like that."Coniglio has been charged with unlawful imprisonment, grand larceny, criminal possession of a weapon, endangering an incompetent person, menacing and unlawful possession of marijuana. David McClellan is now in treatment at a local hospital, and several veteran organizations have already come forward to offer help.

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