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9mm vs. 45ACP: The Science Behind the Debate

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September 13, 2016
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Which is better? 9mm, or .45 ACP? Fortunately for us, humans invented science.Science has a way of figuring stuff out, like how to fire rockets into space, cure polio, and create nuclear weapons capable of destroying all of humanity.The scientific method consists of several steps, which serve as a method of exploring questions and observing results. Asking questions, doing background research, constructing hypotheses, experimentation and observing results are just a few of the key pieces of the process.9mm was long considered to be a puny, underpowered round, but in recent years and with modern ammo, even the FBI has jumped on the 9mm train.Fortunately for firearms owners, the scientific minds at Carnik Con settled the debate quite some time ago.Utilizing labcoats, slippery trigger fingers and a unique dedication to their craft, Dugan Ashley and his cohort of highly trained specialists got to the bottom of the caliber debate by rolling up their sleeves, putting on some gloves, and going elbow-deep into the problem.Watch the video below:



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