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The Absolute Wrong Thing to Say in a SHARP Briefing

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September 1, 2016
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AIT, roughly late July 2007: I won't forget a full day safety stand-down during AIT for SHARP, alcohol, etc. Apparently there were too many bad CID experiences regarding the locals or something. There was even a whole training chapter of slides to basically tell us, "No more than X Soldiers in a hotel room at the same time as a civilian."One guy got so bored that just for giggles he stood up in the center of the auditorium and yelled out:"The f*ck is this Army coming to?! You mean I can't even RUN A TRAIN ON A B*TCH ANYMORE?!"Legend says that if you stand still on Fort Gordon's parade field you can still hear Drill Sergeants screaming at him to, quote, "PT UNTIL YOU F*CKING DIE, YOU SH*T".Didn't think a fabric-covered auditorium's walls could sweat. I was wrong, they kinda can.

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