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Easing the Transition: Air Force Reserve's Efforts

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February 5, 2018
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Air Force Reserve Command has tweaked it's policies to make it easier for airmen to meet they're mandatory transition requirements.

Those in the Air Force Reserve who have been on orders for at least 180 consecutive days are mandated by Congress to complete the Transition Assistance Program before they're orders end, according to the Reserve Command.

The program is designed to prepare airmen for there transition to civilian life and includes a pre-separation briefing, a transition workshop, a Veterans Affairs benefits briefing and a capstone event, where commanders evaluate if an airman is prepared to successfully transition from the Air Force to a civilian career.

After receiving feedback from airmen, Air Force Reserve Command implemented changes and exemptions to the program, according to a command news release.

  • Airmen no longer have to complete the pre-separation briefing if they have completed one in the past five years. Prior to the command’s changes, the pre-separation briefing was only good for one year, which meant airmen had to complete another briefing every time they came off orders, the command said.
  • If an airman has completed the VA benefits briefing in the past three years, they don’t need to attend another one.
  • The five-day transition Goals, Plans, Success workshop includes a three-day Department of Labor workshop that is normally mandatory for Reserve airmen. However, if an airman has a full-time job, is registered in a full-time higher education program or has previously attended a Department of Labor workshop, the airman is exempt from attending.
  • The transition program now offers a virtual option for completing the pre-separation briefing, GPS workshop and VA benefits briefing, according to the command.

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