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AK-74 Meltdown

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October 27, 2016
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Shooting fully automatic weapons is fun. Shooting a fully automatic AK-74 until it literally melts in your hands is even more fun.The YouTuber is famous throughout the firearms community for his many firearms-related videos, including a few where he takes various weapons and shoots them on full auto until they break. He's done it with an AK-47, an AR-15, and even a Glock in the past.This time, he grabbed an AK-74 variant with a fully automatic receiver and decided to see how many rounds he could put through it before it simply blew up. The rifle is a VEPR 5.45x39mm converted by a company called Definitive Arms to fully automatic fire.The YouTube channel has been around since 2008, when Eric Blandford started filming videos of him shooting guns. He had returned from Iraq in 2006, and he was one of YouTube's first 75 partners to begin making money from the video-sharing service.Nowadays Eric has over a million subscribers on YouTube and his most popular video has over 17 million views.


Check out the AK-74 Meltdown below:

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