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August 9, 2016
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So I'm in basic. We have been granted one of only a couple of weekends off in the 6 month period. Myself and a mate on our weekend off needed to go into town to complete some financial life admin stuff at the bank. Now the town becomes out of bounds to recruits after 1500 on the weekends. This is to allow the training staff to be able to enjoy the town without a bunch of recruits about the place.Naturally up bright and breezy we put on our Saturday best and head into town to go to the bank. At 0900 we arrive at the bank expecting it to be open but it isn't. Not until 1200. "Right no problem lets go have breakfast". So we go to the pub and start our days with the finest english breakfast with all the trimmings and pints of beer on the side to wash it down. So one beer leads to another and eventually to us being too drunk to even make it to the bank.Stumbling out one pub at 1700-ish after an enjoyable afternoon of beer and football. On the way to another pub for a change of scene we step out of the pub and bump into our "Drill SGT" and his family.


"K*m*s*n, C*a*d*l*r WTF fuck are you doing here? I'll speak to yous both on Monday" he cried out in he's best Liverpool accent. And continued on with his family outing. So Monday passes. Tuesdays passes. Its Thursday I'm pretty content in the fact that my Drill SGT had forgotten about our little altercation in town over the weekend. My name get called out as we are cleaning weapons to go see the PLT staff in the office. This is when I realise a Drill SGT never forgets.I walk to the office and slam my tabs in. "Drill SGT 25221956 K*m*s*n Drill SGT ""PTE K*m*s*n you think I've forgotten what happened at the weekend?""No Drill SGT""Right you have two options. I either take this higher and you have to go in front of the Company SGT Major (CSM) or you can take what is in this daysack".After 0.2 of a split second, "I will take what in the Bag Drill SGT". Obviously shitting myself at the thought of having to parade in front of the CSM."Ok K*m*s*n close the door. Now close your eyes and reach in side the daysack"I close my eyes and reach inside. "What you are after is right at the bottom of this bag K*m*s*n"WHACK! He throat punches me and knocks me clean out. I come round a couple seconds later on the floor of the office. Dazed and confused as to whats happened. Drill SGT stood above me. "I never forget K*m*s*n" and throws the daysack down to me with his parade boots inside. "You can polish those for me for pass out parade K*m*s*n".The End

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