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Basic Training Story 4130

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August 5, 2016
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The setting is ft sill Oklahoma 2015. The scene is our mid phase barracks inspection. It just so happens as I m sure it did in many bct companies batteries, my particular battery has had more than a few run ins with garbage soldiers and their contraband. It also happens to be that we have the most hardcore soul eating certifiably insane smoke you to death because it makes him feel something inside drill Sergeant at sill we will call him DS H.


So the entire battery command and all of the drills go through each barracks together at a time. They have all the pvts stand at parade rest in 2 lines in the center of the bay facing each other while they all went through every wall locker piece by piece D s H of course is the one to go through one of the heavier pvts wall locker. Everything seemed to be fine until we hear DS H start cursing the day this pvts was born. He then calls command and his fellow d s s to this particular pvts wall locker where they all start to flip out in their own special way.DS H then decides to inform us that this particularly heavy pvts had crapped his pants and left the dirty pair of under wear in his laundry bag to take care of another time I suppose He also decided to allow us to share in the discovery by leaving the poop stained boxers stain out in the center of our Bay formation until dismissed Just another day at sill.

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