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August 7, 2016
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I debated on which story from sand hill I could tell that didn t sound like total BS. Anyone in XXX Company, XXX BN in September 2000 will confirm we had a great and completely event filled OSUT. Fresh out of reception, after serving an entire month there because of the enormous amount of recruits, we begin our journey. A few days into training the USS Cole was bombed. Almost immediately, the Joe rumors began. Our drills decided to not tell us that our company was doing some exchange deal with reserve Drill Sergeants for their Annual Training. We woke up to 3 or 4 extra DSs in each platoon. We were informed that the Army was speeding up training and we were going to war.The mixed emotions were not there. We were ready, so we thought. Well, all except for pvt N. The guy that talked to god through the vent above his bunk out loud like a conversation, not just praying. Anyway, this story isn't about him. I'll save that one for later because he was kicked out of every platoon 2 or more times and the Drill Sergeants had fun with him.


Back to the real story. We were informed what was really going on after a few days of some serious smoke sessions. We were told that the Reserve DSs would be there 2 weeks then rotate out and new ones would come in. After a few rotations we were in the swing of things. You know, the PX runs to the airborne PX with double sided tape holding our unit patches on so we could buy smokes and dip. It was then that we were introduced to the new group of Drill Sergeants.Apparently this was the newest group of graduates from Drill Sergeant School. We had become somewhat rowdy. The barracks fights were in full swing. After a few in 4th platoon one night over a fan, then another over making fun of the guy that lost the fan fight, one pvt needed to get stitches. The newest of newbie Drill Sergeants was in power trip mode. Each platoon was told to form up and we had to move our entire bay down stairs to the company area and set it up, then take it down and back upstairs and put it all back together.A few times of that, then it soldier dropped a can of dip and DS Newbie lost his sh*t! Put the pvt in front of the company with a trash can. He made him grab a hand full of dip, put it in his mouth, and told him to swollow the spit. DS Newbie said that if a single drip went in the trash can he would rape his soul or something to that effect.Needless to say pvt dip got sick as f*ck. So sick they had to take him to the hospital. Now we have 2 privates in the hospital. One getting stitches, the other getting his stomach pumped so he won't die from nicotine poisoning. Back at the barracks, the entire company has every bunk and wall locker assembled down stairs in the company area. In walks the company commander, CPT D. It's around 0300 we had some serious go no go training scheduled that morning and here we were.


Sh*t Gets Real...

CPT D was a triple canopy, take no sh*t guy. Found out what was going on and flipped off DS Newbie's brown round. That was when sh*t got real.DS Newbie had blonde frosted tips on his non regulation hairdoo. CPT D did a double take, turned to us and growled in some form of demonic language that we had 5 min to have the company area clear and be in our racks. He then proceeded to smoke DS Newbie and it continued until we were back in formation for PT the next morning.They moved into the office where CPT D shaved DS Newbie's head. He wasn't allowed to wear his DS hat for the rest of the day and was stuck with the pvts. PT, chow, the works. Then the next day he was gone, never heard from again. How many pvts can say they watched a DS get smoked, get their head shaved, then disappear in basic?

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