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Inside Basic Training: Story 4141

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August 10, 2016
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This is a short story, but still worth telling. It was summer and seriously hot back in 1987. So the Drill Sergeants were forced to take it easy on us for most of the time since most days were a code black. Training was set at a minimum to avoid having a company of heat injuries, but they could still teach. One day we are sitting in the shade of a big ol tree off to the side of our barracks having a lesson on map reading and land nav. This tree sat on the side of this huge area we called the bowl, because that is what it looked like. We were all sitting and drinking our water while the Drill Sergeant was giving his block of instruction. When suddenly somebody farted.Instantly he changed from teaching to angry drill sergeant. "Who did that!?!? Which one of you nasty ass privates farted while I'm giving a block of instruction!?!?"


Nobody wanted to take credit since God only knew what he had in mind for the one that did it. Our Drill Sergeants could be quite creative. He was about to do a group correction when one of us boldly stood up, looked him right in the eye, raised a leg, and gave a good loud fart."It was me drill sergeant! I'll claim it now!"He ended up low crawling around the bowl for around 15 minutes while our drill sergeant grumbled about nasty ass privates while trying not smile too much. 15 minutes was about all he could really do but I'm sure our Drill Sergeant would have unleashed some wrath on that farting private had we not been under an extreme heat restriction. I don't remember who it was that claimed it but I still remember every one of us trying our hardest not to laugh.

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