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From Civilians to Warriors: Basic Training Story 4157

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August 12, 2016
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The proudest moment in my Drill Sergeant career was earlier this year at Fort Sill. All the new Drill Sergeants conducted a group run with the Brigade Commander and Command Sergeant Major. The CSM who we will refer to as CSM Badass was approximately 65 years old, 6'7" tall, and had the physical fitness ability of a 19 year old Olympian. He also didn't take kindly to humor or snide remarks. Right before the run I made that apparent to the group. He said, "are all you soldiers in shape?" and I replied like verbal diarrhea, "round is a shape Sergeant Major!". He shot me daggers that even John Snow couldn t be resurrected from.After a grueling 65 minutes of feet and concrete we conducted our cool down. CSM Badass moves to the front of the formation his face redder than the devil's undercarriage. "Who in God's green earth called the cadence about a whore!?!?" He screamed.

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Our souls hit our dirty athletic shoes, the pucker factor at a blistering 180 degrees. A proud hand shoots up in the air down the formation. One of my favorite Drill Sergeants who happens to be a Mormon says, "that was me Sergeant Major!".The kid had a smile on his face wider his PT vest. CSM Badass increases his intensity. "What if I had a daughter who was a whore?".We all turn our head and eyes in DS G's direction as in the position of stand at ease. We watch him struggle with an answer. At that moment all of the Drill Sergeants channeled the inner power of the Drill Sergeant badge. We all mentally screamed, "SHUT THE F*CK UP"It worked. Can't say I've ever been more proud to be a Drill Sergeant than I was at that very moment.

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