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Lessons from Basic Training: Story 4204

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August 9, 2016
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In basic we had a Private that will be called Private B. Now Private B took his oath pretty seriously. When we got briefed for block leave over christmas he came up with a brilliant question for our Drill Sergeants. Private B asked, "Drill SGT since our security level is at a higher level and some of us live close to higher risk targets for attack are we to engage an enemy if spotted on or near the base?"Now at this point our drill sgt is already holding back a massive outburst of laughter like most of us were. but they responded quickly. "Private B you've been in basic combat training for 4 weeks! What the heck do you plan on doing if you see a terrorist?"You could tell Private B was extremely nervous at this point and he kinda put his head down but yelled as he always did, "I suppose I'd just have to duck and cover drill sgt!"


After he said this our drill sgt couldn't hold himself together and busted up laughing as did the rest of us. Fast forward 3 weeks or so we come back all fat and out of shape cause none of us did PT over break. As we were getting fresh supplies for the field one of the other Drill Sgts came up and asked Private B, "How was your break private? Did you see any terrorists?"He responded saying, "No Drill Sgt! No terrorists on my watch!" This drill sgt had a sense of humor though and baited Private B a little more he said, "Private what do you do when you see a terrorist?" Private B took no hesitation and said as loud as possible in the PX, "DUCK AND COVER DRILL SGT! DUCK AND COVER!"There were several Drill Sergeants in the PX at the time, one of which was a ranger none of us has ever seen laugh or show any emotion before. Every Drill Sgt and Private dropped to the floor and cried in laughter The cashier had no clue being a civilian what was so damn funny but the rest of us did and even the drill Sgts had a good day after that.

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