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Rising Above Challenges: Story 4254

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August 16, 2016
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During the Biizzard of 78, quite a few of us had the misfortune of attending basic combat training in the wilds of New Jersey.One of the things I THOUGHT I had already learned was to NEVER volunteer information. Well, I didn't do it well, because as we waited in the chow line, one of the DSs asked who was prior service. My hand went up of its own accord. Obviously, I hadn't learned my lesson well. But, it DID have its advantages, such as a one-man room during BCT., even though it did saddle me with additional responsibilities.Toward the end of training, the Senior DS was on his podium, explaining the daily events, as well as the time of said evolutions. This is where the fun comes in.

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I, being the platoon guide for 2d Platoon, was out in front, staring at my brick in the building's wall. Senior DS got down to something at 0800. When he finished that, he looked over in my direction and asked me what time that was in Navy time. I didn't miss a beat; my weapon was balanced on its buttplate. I responded, smartly, complete with hand gestures, "Senior Drill Sergeant, Mickey Mouse is doing this!"The majority of the cadre was doing their best to maintain composure. Sr DS was trying to climb over the podium, ready to stomp a mudhole in me. Two of the cadre were holding Sr DS back, telling him, "Remember, you ASKED him! "Score one for the former sailor!

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