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Defying the Odds: Basic Training Story 4276

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August 16, 2016
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July 99 was the start of my military career. What better way to begin than my own personal mentors who could literally smoke your soul right out of you! So I was privileged to have a female DS. Before you think this story is another relaxin Jackson episode then you are a NO-GO! My recruiter told me to take along some civilian clothes and my walk-man(yes those existed back then) because we wouldn't be issued uniforms right away. That was the first of his many lies!But, at shakedown I'm in my square filtering things out and BOOM! Out of know where pops up DS D. 5'8, maybe 140, and every pattern of those BDU's were being detected loud and clear! She releases 200 years of built up women struggle right then and there upon me. "PVT, why do you have all these civilian clothes?" " PVT, why do you have jewelry and cologne for?" "PVT are we going on a date?"

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Ok so right there I'm done with yes or no DS reply. I chose to be smart and say no."Oh so I'm not pretty enough for you, I'm not smart enough for you, I'm too fat, I'm ugly. This uniform is just a cover up for the 100 cats at my house because I can't find a man to be with me. Is that it PVT?"So I chose to go the other route and a crossfire erupted which by now caused the other DS to join in! Last thing I remember before pushing the concrete was one of the DS running around the shark attack screaming, "that's just my baby daddy!"After graduation I stayed at lostinthewoods for AIT and DS S approached me and ask why I chose the 62E MOS? I grabbed my dufflebag and told her I learned my lesson on day 0!

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