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Strength in Unity: Story 4277

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August 17, 2016
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So Saturday during zero week of Air Force BMT in Lackland. A squad mate of mine, we were all going through chow line in the morning after pretty intense PT. In the chow line, a squad mate, we will call him AMN E, was going through. He pointed at what he wanted, and said to the lady working the chow line, "grilled cheese please.". The lady told him that it wasn't grilled cheese, and when he asked what it was, she told him it was French Toast.He paused, then looked at the lady and asked her, "well, can you make me a grilled cheese sandwich??"Literally EVERYONE in line behind him started losing their sh*t, like dude, have you gone mental?! The ladies behind the chow line had a good laugh and eventually told the snake pit where all the MTI's sit.

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As we were waiting for out MTI, SGT H to come out to recollect us for our class instructions, another MTI, we will call him Smalls (short, 5Ft nothing angry black dude) came bursting out the door and immediately barreled over to us shouting "Which one of you God D*mned retards ordered a grilled cheese sandwich?!?!"At this point we are all simultaneously thinking "OH SH*T," and after a few seconds, AMN E steps forward and admits, "AMN E reports as ordered sir."Smalls berates him in the worst way possible and finishes with "What in the hell possessed you to think you could order a grilled cheese sandwich?!" As we all stand there fearing the worst, no one expected the answer. "Sir, I thought the French Toast was grilled cheese."Smalls stood there, shaking with a mixture of undying fury and a desperate attempt to not fall over laughing, then immediately turned and bolted back to the chow hall as we see him silently giggling to himself.


Worst part of the story, the following day was Sunday, we went to chow after church for lunch, what did they have? You guessed it! Grilled Cheese!Everyone ahead of him was cracking up in the chow line, he gets up there, and you here him say out loud, "Nope, F*ck that, that's a trap." Found out after that every Sunday has always been grilled cheese!

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