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Inspirational Transformations: Story 4295

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August 23, 2016
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I feel we should switch it up to a deployment story. I'm sure many veterans on this page will appreciate a good laugh. Anyway, I'm sure everyone has experienced this before or at least knew a guy that it happened to. It was a early morning, we SP'd just around sunrise everything was going good. We set up security while some guys dismounted and watched the road. I'm sitting in my drivers seat and I hear someone say "are you serious!?". Heard some laughter and didn't think much of it.I started to smell a nasty odor and was getting annoyed. Not like you could roll down the windows. I kept looking over at my TC and was like maybe it's him, he was sweaty and maybe smelt like a gym bag. What ever it was it wouldn't go away. My gunner was complaining the whole time and I had no idea why.


Anyways as the mission went on we made more stops and the more stops we made the more my gunner complained. And the more he complained I started really paying attention to that smell and I'm just like what the hell man. What is that. We make back to the FOB. I shut down the Vic and I see my gunner running like he had a diaper in his pants. Well now the Afghan heat started warming up my truck and it smelt like someone took a crap in the back of my RG-31.My dismount team was laughing like I never seen before. I asked what happened. My gunner apparently sh*t him self like 15 minutes into the mission. He tried to finish off what he had left in an MRE bag and that was just sitting there in the back along with rag covered in sh*t. I guess he had the runs or what ever and farted and it didn't go well.Guess you really can't trust a fart

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