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Overcoming Limitations: Story 4305

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August 24, 2016
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Fort Leonard Wood - Graduation from BCT. We had this Pvt. that claimed to be a former suicide girl model. She was covered in tattoos except for her face,neck, and hands. To say she was a little wild and kinda stupid is an understatement. Before we were released to be with our families we were briefed about not drinking, going to strip clubs, or GETTING TATTOOS while out for the day.Time comes to report back to the barracks and I get there early because I have the fear of God/DS placed in me. DS S orders me to sweep the hallway and I get right to it. I see the other Pvts. filtering in and DS S is in the hallway watching everyone filter back in. Now, he had this saying that he was fond of yelling at us from time to time, "Suffer in silence!"

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In walks Pvt. Suicide Girl. Dumb dumb is still wearing her beret when she spots DS S in the hallway. She runs up to him, skids to a stop, and yells, "DS, DS, you'll never guess what I did!" She pulls down her dress pants to reveal "Suffer In Silence" freshly tattooed on the side of her ass. I'm standing in the hallway next to him frozen and hardly daring to breathe. DS Shorstacks face is slack and turning redder by the second and his mouth is agape just staring at the tattoo. He looks up at her, looks at me, looks at the tattoo, looks at her, the tattoo and me again. Without a word he turns around and walks into the DS office and closes the door.She pulled her pants back up and said to me, "Guess he didn't like it", and casually walks back to her room.[xyz-ihs snippet="AG-728x90-1"][xyz-ihs snippet="AG-300x250"]

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