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Personal Triumphs: Basic Training Story 4308

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August 25, 2016
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AIT for canon fire direction specialists had been a breeze with minimal smoke sessions because we were the smart ones. That's what the recruiter told us at least. So, there was a guy from New York that loved to tell your momma jokes and talk sh*t just like me. After a week or so of anything goes insults, I find out that he is deathly afraid of midgets.Pvt NY also had his whole wall locker covered with pictures of his friends and family. The guys found a porno with a midget spread eagle and licking her lips and every time they showed it to him he would cover his eyes in disgust. I cut out the picture and hid it in his mural of friends and family for him to find thinking we would all have a good laugh.

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The next day we had a surprise inspection and we were locked up at the edge of our beds. Pvt NY is up first and I was shitting my pants at the anticipation of our drill Sgt finding the mini eagle surprise. The first thing out of the drill sergeant's mouth is "God Damn Private, you got enough pictures"?Then he found her and stepped back in shock. "Jesus f*ck Private, is that your girlfriend"?Pvt NY sounded like an auctioneer he was trying to defend his honor so quickly. "Drill sergeant No drill sergeant, I don't know who that is drill sergeant"!Then the drill sergeant called all of us over to see Pvt. NY's girlfriend and everyone went except me. I stood there starring at the wall locker across from me in astonishment that we didn't do one push up for it.Pvt NY didn't have many jokes after that incident.

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