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The Spirit of Resilience: Story 4318

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August 26, 2016
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While in BCT my bunk mate decided to be a smart ass, Impersonate an officer, and go AWOL from our company area. Utilizing a gum wrapper attached to his soft cap he walked across the base passing numerous drill sergeants, getting salutes left and right, until an eagle eyed sergeant major stopped him and demanded his ID card.Once he produced in ID card that said E-1 as opposed to O-2 which the gum rapper made it look like, the sergeant Major asked him what company he belonged to. The Private told him, and the CSM marched him past every drill sergeant that saluted him and gave them 10 minutes each to smoke the private. Needless to say he reached muscle failure numerous times.

AO Knife Photo

The following morning he could not get out of bed nor move his arms because they were stuck to his chest from reaching muscle failure so much. To add insult to injury, another private and I helped our battle buddy out by yanking his arms straight and out.Our drill sergeant heard the screams and came running , only to decide it was time for more pt for the private.


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