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Journey of Sacrifice: Basic Training Story 4322

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August 30, 2016
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Mid 1980's, company formation, all of us at attention. The DS's walking the ranks tapping the bottom of our canteens to ensure they were full. Uh-oh, the fat kid in my squad is being pulled out front and center. With all of us at attention DS yells at him "Where the F*ck is your canteen?".Pvt mumbles something and again and even louder "Where....The.....F*ck....Is....Your....Canteen?"Pvt is red and starting to cry at this point after a good ten minutes of this. DS has him drop his pants and underwear and squat in front of all of us. "Private, you are going to sh*t a canteen, your entire company is going to stand here at attention in the sun, till you sh*t the canteen you lost" It was funny as hell but none of us dared laugh.


For half an hour he squatted bare-assed in front of the formation trying his best to sh*t a canteen and the DS screaming the entire time about him having to sh*t the canteen his fat ass must have eaten. 30 years ago and I can still hear that thick samoan accent yelling "Private you Sh*t Canteen and you sh*t canteen NOW" We almost even missed chow over this.Almost felt sorry for the guy but damn, don't lose your canteen.

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