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Building Discipline: Story 4333

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September 2, 2016
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So, everyone's got the one guy you swear is an ASVAB waiver. Ours was a stutterer named Recruit B. He screwed up constantly, and I was in the rack next to him, so I was constantly joining him to get smoked. Well, one evening during free time he told the DI that he lost his boots. A check of the area revealed nothing. So now the whole platoon is ordered to tear the squad bay apart.I'm the unlucky bastard that finds them..."This recruit found them sir.""Well, look in the boot. Whose name is it?"I freeze in terror. "Uh..... uh....""Do you speak English? Whose f****** name is in the boot?""Uh sir..... One says left and the other says right, sir."I didn't even wait. I just walked to the quarterdeck before being told. Time to get smoked again...

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