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Courageous Heroes: Basic Training Story 4340

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September 7, 2016
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We had a young Private from Detroit who was all f*cked up and thought he was hot sh*t. He talked back to the Drills, tried to start fights with battle buddies, the whole nine yards. However like most Privates who think they are hot sh*t he broke very easily.One day on the range Drill Sergeant M, as we will call him, notices something in his camelback. Sohe tells him to hand it over for a contraband inspection. The kid refuses, and starts to get an attitude, Drill is getting angrier and angrier. At one point Private P is in one arms distance of DS M and is thrown to the ground.


The Senior, we will call him DS C, calmly comes over and tells him to give him his camelback. Private P, having been thrown face first into the Georgia dirt angrily cooperates. DS C and DS M look inside to find a can of Copenhagen long cut. So DS C takes it, opens the can and packs his lip with a pouch of private P's dip. He then tells Private P that since he handed his camelback over and they didn't have to force it off him that he was going to get off easy this time for the contraband.DS C then tells Private P that he is now his battle buddy, and flips his pocket inside out and instructs private p to hold his pocket for the rest of the day and sound off with "I do what I'm told Drill Sergeant".

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