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Overcoming Obstacles: Story 4348

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September 8, 2016
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Ft gordon 2010. So I was about 6 hours away from graduating. We were told to go over to echo company and pick up a soldier graduating with us. On the walk over there I put a dip in and as we walked into the company I put it into my hand. We got the soldier and on the way out the door I popped it back in.And a SFC saw me do it and told me to get back over to him. I do so and he tells me why in the hell am I chewing in his barracks I try to explain that I wasn't I just popped it in as I was walking out. He didn't care. He said you're not leaving till you swallow it and me knowing I had to be somewhere just said screw it and swallowed it.

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He said bye. And I went to walk out. As I walk out i throw up all over his stairs then on his drill pad multiple times. He starts screaming for me to clean that stuff up or he is going to destroy me, and we start running knowing that we needed to graduate.During graduation I am green in the face and dry heaving my First Sergeant asks what's wrong and we explain. He laughs and says so your the pvt that puked all over echo company's area. Laughed again and walked away saying good job pvt.Apparently the SFC wanted me punished. And my First Sergeant told him nothing was going to happen...

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