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Building Character: Basic Training Story 4351

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September 9, 2016
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2015, it's Halloween night at FTX 3 (Vic Forge) and coincedentally everyone in my platoon has the same "Dumb Private" costume as me. Anyway. 1st Platoon, my platoon has 2 DSs: DS O, a somewhat soft spoken(for a DS) infantryman whose seen some shit and carries an Abrams sized ass whoopin' under his round brown, and DS T, a short, relatively chill female DS who happens to be an amazing marksman(top 100 at that). DS O is running night assaults as OpFor on the complete opposite side of my position. Note that DS O is the only DS running OpFor tonight.The rain that has made my Company 1SG dub the entire operation "Vic Nam" has subsided around 1:30 in the AM, right on time for my 3 hour shift. Unfortunately, 4th platoon, who started about 2 fighting positions away from me, had 'Just came under attack' near the end of their 1 hour shift, and began blasting their supply of blanks into he moon-lit foliage in front of them. After 4 minutes of defense, 6 minutes of tense silence, and another 5 minutes of yelling and shooting, DS T wanders over to 4th platoons first fighting position.

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"What the hell are you privates shooting at?" DS T says calmly."DS S is in the woods! He was attacking us DS!" said the squad leader."Well did you see DS S?""No DS""Did you hear him?""We don't think so DS""Than why the sh*t are you shooting?"There was silence after this. "Don't shoot unless you know it's a threat, privates, jeez."As she is standing over my fighting position, checking on the troops, DS T comments, "Dumbasses, DS S is at home right now, and DS O is harassing 3rd Platoon..."Thank god we were all POGs.

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