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Finding Inner Strength: Story 4352

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September 12, 2016
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We got to partake in Christmas Exodus. Worst idea ever. It was like going from black phase back to red. DS S is talking to us in formation, asking us, "Privates, who got married?". I'm standing in the front row of first plt, staring at this dude in third plt front rank across from me whom I've been staring again at in awe of both his ability to function at a basic level, and the resiliency of him pushing through the first 14 weeks of OSUT.PVT M decides to speak up and say "I did Drill Sergeant!".I think the whole troop is in shock, DS included. "PVT, you got married?"

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PVT M affirms.DS S: "Someone let you marry their daughter? Private, if you ever asked me for my daughter's hand in marriage, I'd stick a gun in your mouth, because it's always open."True story. Every morning, open mouth, look of a zombie. Every. Morning. All the way through OSUT. That particular instance was the hardest time I've had keeping a straight face in formation.

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