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Forging Bonds: Story 4360

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September 20, 2016
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So I went to Ft.Benning, Ga for Osut training. I'm an 11 bang bang. All my DS were as well. Let me start of by saying my platoon DS was Airborne and was a pretty high speed mother f*cker. Well after we graduate the basic training part of Osut we had our berets. Every weekend a different company would wear their berets and go out on a family day pass.If anyone has been through basic they know Sunday's are chill days you don't do sh*t. There's on DS on CQ all day and he'll make his rounds every few hours. You only take accountability at chow times. So my buddies being the pieces of sh*t they were would put their ACU's on and their beret and would leave after chow formation and go off base. Some would go buy chew some would buy other sh*t we couldn't have.Other privates would take advantage of when our DS was on CQ if he left the office door open people would run in there and snag their phones. All 4 platoons were filled with contraband. So come time to do FTX people took all that sh*t with them.


People got cocky and stupid to be honest and threw their trash out in the woods thinking it wouldn't be found. Well they thought wrong because before we knew it we were dumping our rucks and PVTs started dropping like flies. My buddy with his phone got snitched on of course due to them saying it'll help to tell on people pretty much. Luckily the people that didn't have anything to do with it didn't pay the price.Come graduation time there was a good amount of each platoons watching us graduate. The PVT that got caught with his phone luckily got to graduate with us without the privilege of a family pass the day before graduation along with an article 15. Come family day he and I thought the DS was tracking his location so my family invited him out to eat. We order our food and I get a phone call from Alaska. I knew were my DS had spent the majority of his time. I didn't answer. He calls again. So I call him in a different phone thinking I could ask who it was without him knowing it was me.I was wrong. He ended up telling me that my battle had to be back in 30 minutes or else he would be getting a day 0 restart. We get him back with no consequences. The next day we graduate and get dropped off at the airport. Me and my battle had flights by the same gate so after I spent some more time with my family I go to text him and ask where he's at. His number starts with a 909 number and so did my DS. I send out a text asking "where you at bro." And he responded with who is this? Still not knowing its my DS I respond with my last name.He then responds with, "This is you're airborne daddy mother f*cker! Now delete this number.I simply responded with "yes DS, have a nice day"

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