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Defenders of Freedom: Basic Training Story 4365

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September 21, 2016
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We were standing there, toes on line, fresh from reception, just done with the shark tank and getting divided into our platoons. Our DS's were pacing up and down the killzone giving their introductory speech. As the yelling continued the thought rolled through my mind that someone was about to say something stupid. Just as things were wrapping up with their speach the DS posed the question "If any of you cocksuckers think they can take me say it now so we can get it out of the way!"Surely no one was dumb enough to challenge the DS I thought...and I was WAY wrong.A hand extended into the kill zone and a fairly high pitched voice spoke out, a voice none of us heard before. This mystery voice said "I'll take ya Drill Sergeant!". We all stood there dumbfounded that someone took the DS up on his offer. The DS made his way to the hand and we all HAD to look to see who the poor soul was.


We called this PVT Six Eight for his height, he weighed in just short of 300 pounds and he was a very solid guy, this was the first time anyone heard him speak. DS G stood there and looked the PVT up and standing in his shadow DS G looked him up and down, obviously regretting the challenge.DS G told him "F*ck that, I might be crazy but I'm not suicidal". We thought DS G was about to make us pay. As the DS's left the bay DS G looked back and said "this is no retreat, its a tactical decision to live another day".We never got to see Six Eight take on a DS.

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