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Resilient Patriots: Story 4375

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October 5, 2016
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Lost in the Woods 2016. We were in blue phase and only had 2 weeks till graduation, and they put a new Drill Sergeant in our company. i never saw him much, but I remember the first smoking he gave us. After it was done we horseshoe'd around him, and he gave a motivations speech and told us why we got smoked.Well I guess someone was wacking it in the barracks and didn't clean up after themselves. The girls were in the classroom and he threw his glasses and set his hat down and said "Privates, use a sock." People laughed at that, but I laughed a completely different reason. Keep in mind, I had no clue what this DS name was, but while he was telling us to use a sock and go to the bathroom to beat your meat, I looked at his name tape and couldn't contain myself.I can't use his real name, but it was pronounced similar to Wackoff. DS W , I'll never forgot the name.

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