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Inspiring Dedication: Story 4381

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September 29, 2016
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No sh*t there I was, USMC RTD, Parris Island. Day 1 of boot, our senior DI, I'll call him DI H, whose orders seemed to be "weed out all non-hackers". DI H gives us nicknames; one pragmatic recruit who talks behind his back becomes Pvt. J; a Texas recruit becomes Pvt. C; And finally a 6-foot 3-inch, 280 pound, slow-witted recruit with low intelligence and ambition becomes Pvt. GP and the focus of DI H's brutality.Because the overweight boy cannot keep up with the other more physically fit recruits in the grueling obstacle courses. One evening during a routine inspection, DI H, noticing that Pvt. GP's foot locker is unlocked, searches it and finds a jelly doughnut; food is strictly forbidden in the barracks (and Pvt. P is not permitted to eat donuts because he's overweight). Enraged, DI H decides that from then on instead of punishing Pvt. GP, he'll punish all of us in the platoon.A few nights later, the we all attack Pvt. GP with soap bars wrapped in towels while Pvt. C gags him and a few others hold him down on his bed. At first, Pvt. Jis reluctant to attack his friend, but after Pvt. C persuades him, PVT. J hits GP longer and harder than most of the others.In his bunk, J covers his ears, ashamed at himself as GP howls in pain.

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