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Journey of Sacrifice: Story 4384

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September 30, 2016
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So, enlisted me still looks back on this and thinks it's probably the stupidest (most worthwhile?) thing I have ever done, military and civilian. Here goes. I was always the private that was seen and not heard, meaning most of my DS's left me alone apart from the platoon smokings and mail call humiliations. Among the privates was a game called "Four Corners" (not sure if this is a common game, but it was new to me), the idea of said game is to touch as many DS hats or COC PC's as you could by the end of the cycle.I was tied with two other privates for first, private A and private D. It was one day before family day, two before graduation, and everyone is getting a little cocky, including yours truly. Our three DS's, DS E, DS F, and DS C, were coming and going throughout the bay and their office, leaving us clean our weapons and chit chat in peace. I was closest to the DS desk, cleaning the 249 with my battle, Pvt. D.DS E, a female DS that I'm 100% sure was spit out from Hell because the Devil himself despised her, had left her DS hat sitting on the desk in plain view. Knowing I was tied (with 50 bucks on the line for first place), I decided to f*ck it, and go all or nothing. DS E was in the office for a hot minute, and without giving it a second thought, I jumped up and, in front of my whole platoon, plopped the hat on my bald head. Everyone started "ooooh shiiiit" and "YEAHH BATTLE!!!"'ing.Knowing I took first place (I mean who can beat that), I basked in the fame and glory for about three seconds too long. DS E poked her head out of the office, saw me, and didn't even fully emerge from the office before she started smoking us. What ensued was easily the worst smoking I had yet received in all my ten weeks at Sill. Much to my dismay, on family day she came up to myself and family, and retold the story to my mother and father.Worth it? Hell yeah!! (Plus I won 50 bucks from it)

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