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Courage in Adversity: Story 4392

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October 3, 2016
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This is a story about why SHARP briefings are necessary. So gather around boys,girls,and those who identify as apache helicopters. I was in AIT about 2 weeks before graduating. It's the weekend. Some dumbass Pvt's are coming back on post after an afternoon of drinking and are hammered as f*ck.The company is formed up for accountability. PVT W is swaying more than a tree in a hurricane and smells like a dirty gym bag and booze. He looks over at me and gives me this mischievous grin and stares at PVT Q in the squad in front. PVT Q (who was a female soldier) had done some Jiu-Jitsu and boxing before she enlisted. A short female about 4'10".PVT W decides he was going to reach over and grab her ass. She turns around obviously shocked and asks which sh*t kicker groped her. PVT W chuckled and drunkenly blows her a kiss. Before I knew it I see a right hook knock PVT W back and onto the ground, and he's out ladies and gentlemen.DS S flies over knife handing, wondering what the f*ck just happened. PVT Q looking satisfied with her KO looks at DS S and says without batting an eyelash "Well DS. Seems I knocked him the f*ck out".I never saw PVT W again.

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